About Company

About Company

In 1999, the Uzbek-British joint venture called «ALUTEX» (Aluminium Technology) was founded, and since its inception, it was engaged in the wholesale trade of foreign aluminum profiles and accessories. In 2003 - the company started the project "Production of aluminum profiles in Uzbekistan."

JV «ALUTEX» is the first specialized company for the production of aluminum profiles and accessories in Uzbekistan.  The basic normative documents for products that have guided the company in the production activities are ISO 9001, DIN 1055 (Germany), TS 498 (Turkey), GOST 8617-81 (Russia).

Today «ALUTEX» is one of the fastest growing company in the production of aluminum profiles.

The company uses a full cycle of aluminum processing, from the casting of aluminum alloys of primary aluminum with the addition of alloy components, extrusion, coloring powder enamels, anodizing coating method, profile decorating with electric vacuum method, machining of semi-finished pressed profile and to manufacturing accessories.

Company products are sold by many enterprises of Uzbekistan. In the process of production of aluminum profiles the most modern equipment is used, which allows to obtain high-quality products with a wide range of applications. In particular, mastered and produced aluminum tire for electrical purposes, radio antennas mast rack, solar cells radiator and heating systems elements, special profiles for the automotive, furniture profile for sliding door wardrobes, aluminum railings and profiles for mosquito nets. The company also carries out the shipment of products for export.

"Profile №1 in Uzbekistan" this is the assessment of our products by Uzbek consumers, surveyed by independent Agency for marketing and sociological research in the CIS countries in the framework of the annual competition "Choice of the Year" for several years. In the future, the company intends to develop and strengthen friendly relations with our suppliers and customers, to bring comfort and warmth to every Uzbek household.