Foundry production provides a pressing portion of the blanks of aluminum alloys for extrusion of profiles. Use of primary aluminum grade A7, A8 with the addition of alloying elements. Cast alloy stamps: 6060 series alloys, AlMgSi alloys systems, AlMgSi0, and the like. To ensure press shop gets uninterrupted blanks, smelting foundry with 2 smelters of mine types with 22 tons’ capacity are used at the plant. The diameter of the cast blanks is from 50mm to 300mm. The length of the molded blanks is 6.0 - 6.5 meters. Blanks are cut with the help of an automated machine to make profile and sent to a pressing station.


The range of extruded profiles that are in production, has more than 500 types. For their production, a part of the pressing section has 7 press lines with a production capacity of over 1,400 tons per month.


The company has 3 automated staining line powder enamels horizontal linkage. To paint the profile electrostatic painting method is applied, which ensures long service life of products without changing the appearance, which is also a prerequisite for the reliable adhesion and contributes to the high resistance of the coating under operating conditions. The company uses only imported enamel polyester-based, weather-resistant, ensuring a long service life even in harsh environments. The coating thickness is 60-90 microns. After polymerization powdered enamel is environmentally safe. The color scheme of enamels is from RAL options.


Anodizing is a kind of protective - decorative coating, which is to create on a surface of profile a stable and insoluble in acids and alkalis film of aluminum hydrate. After preconditioning, the profile is loaded into the anodizing bath. Here, for 25-85 minutes, it is exposed to anodization. Profile is formed on the surface of the aluminum oxide film by passing a DC voltage through acid electrolyte, wherein the anode is aluminum, and the cathode - the relevant material. In most cases, anodizing is produced in the electrolyte, which is an aqueous sulfuric acid solution.


Decorating of aluminum profiles is a patterning technology of various textures of wood or stone on profiles. The process takes place in a vacuum heat chamber, where under the influence of temperature special pigments move deep into pre-deposited powder ground on the metal. The result is a beautiful surface with a high-strength coating is much superior in durability compared to materials that it simulates, and perfectly match with them.


Finished products packaged into special protective film.


Express control of the chemical composition of alloys made with spectrographic method using "Foundry Master" laboratory and computer technologies.

Instrument production​

Tool room produces matrix sets of tool steel from the leading European manufacturers. The shop is equipped with a universal milling machines, high-precision EDM equipment from leading Western firms, the modern machining center, high-temperature tempering furnaces. Tool room equipment refers to the type of STS, and is unique.

Fittings and Accessories​

In «ALUTEX» factory organized its own production of fasteners, hinges, handles, screws and other components for the assembly of aluminum and plastic constructions.